Quality doesn’t have to be inaccessible or financially out of reach. Tarheel Solid Surfaces carries only the best solid surface products. We have options that fit all budgets while still remaining durable, long lasting, and attractive.

Our team of expert craftsmen is trained to work with you on selecting the best product for any project you may have.

All of the products we carry are acrylic solid surfaces and 100 percent non-porous, making them safe for food prep and marine environments. They can also be carved, routed, or worked like wood, then molded, thermoformed, or inlayed making the design options limitless. All of our products come with a minimum 10-year warranty.

Corian Solid Surfaces

This is the brand that started it all when Tarheel Solid Surfaces owner Earl Lee became one of the first DuPont Corian dealers in the Wilmington area. We’ve been using DuPont Corian since 1987 and stand behind it as a quality product for solid surfaces. With over 100 colors to choose from, including a vast array of kitchen and vanity sinks, this brand has something for everyone. DuPont Corian products have a 10-year warranty. Plus, you get a product that our team trusts and knows very well.

Hi-Macs Acrylic Solid Surfaces

Hi-Macs is known for its excellent long-term performance, making it ideal for commercial projects in the hotels, healthcare, retail, or marine industries. Hi-Mac superior designs walk the line between beauty and performance – ideal for imaginative uses and innovative applications. In addition, you get even more protection with a 15-year warranty. Available in over 100 colors and four thicknesses, Tarheel Solid Surfaces is proud to sell this well-designed and enduring product.


As one of our newer products, LivingStone has rapidly grown in popularity. This product is positioned as a more budget-friendly alternative with no drop in quality compared to others in the market. They have a focused, streamlined approach that passes down the savings to customers. They also have a strong commitment to continually developing their color palette to reflect the trends and needs of both businesses and homeowners. With a 15-year warranty, it’s easy to understand why LivingStone is so popular.

Staron Solid Surfaces

Staron Solid Surfaces and Staron Tempest are incredibly versatile products. These functional and decorative acrylic materials offer endless commercial uses and are the ideal countertop for residential construction or remodels. There are over 100 colors to choose from and they have their own line of solid surface sinks. Staron also offers a 10-year warranty on their products.

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